This is a great article that talks about "being mobile" and the devices that can help you do this today.  In the medical arena, it's almost impossible for a physican not to be mobile from time to time...BD

In this issue of "The Digital Life," let's talk about some of the technologies and solutions that will allow you to rid your life of paper-based data. From smartphones to UMPC's, you have a lot of choices. Which ones will fit you best?

After backing up your data, the next move in your quest for a paper-free life is deciding which devices will best serve you. Thankfully, "convergence" has come a long way since the days of monochrome PDA's. Convergence is the idea that multiple technologies will eventually "converge" in one or a few devices - MP3 player, video player, photo camera, video camera, email client, document editing, TV, banking, and games, just to name a few.

A new-comer to the convergence game, the Ultra Mobile PC is a sort of hybrid, with a questionable market. The UMPC was introduced with tremendous fanfare and hype (rivalling the hype surrounding the Apple iPhone) as the "Origami" platform from Microsoft. Placed somewhere between a Tablet PC and a PDA, the UMPC is too big to fit into your pocket, but too small to be a practical everyday computing platform.

Source: The Digital Life: How To Go Paperless | IntoMobile


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