If you are perhaps not ready to invest in a full EMR system, the Ablet Factory has a nice One Note Soap Toolkit. You can find the link to the Ablet Factory on the left hand side of the page under the Tablet PC Links.
By using One Note, physicians can select to "share" patient profiles with other physicians using One Note. With a small investment in a tablet pc, One Note (part of Microsoft Office) this is a great way to get started with putting charts on a computer. One Note can also be used on a desktop pc as well. For a small example, physicians in an ER room could easily start creating records and sharing with other physicians, so if a patient is seen by more than one physician, the patient record is available. With the new Mobile version of One Note, these can also be shared and used with a PDA.

There are many ways to go by using the One Note Soap Kit as a starting point for charting.

The One Note Soap Kit is also a great solution for the small practice with one or more physicians.


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