We could easily use a study like this in California as well...BD

State Grant Awarded To Study Broadband Access Among Pennsylvania Physicians And Hospitals

A proposal by the Pennsylvania Medical Society to use broadband network technologies to improve health care in the Keystone State has received a $300,000 grant from the Broadband Outreach & Aggregation Fund through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to fund a study that will measure broadband access in doctor offices and other health care settings. 

Dr. Piasio adds that a 2006 Society survey indicated that approximately 7,500 Pennsylvania physicians either have no Internet access or only dial-up access.

"Today, there is great momentum in Pennsylvania to improve health care through the use of electronic communications," said Rhett Hintze, Managing Director of The Affinity Group. "After this study is completed, we believe that we can put together an accurate plan to encourage more doctor offices to use broadband, much like we have seen through our efforts with the public schools in Pennsylvania."


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