This is a great site to see how students are making use of tablet pcs, doing everything from taking notes in class to downloading digital books. I visit the site from time to time myself and pick up hints and suggestions as well. The page is unique in the fact that it is all supported by students. They know exactly what they are doing with tablet pcs and with one look at the site, you'll understand. This group has definitely figured out what it is all about and how having everything together really makes a huge difference, they post many how to pages. The group also is very active in using MS Office One Note and they offer all types of hints and even some student oriented templates for use. The site is so good that it earned Tracie a Microsoft MVP title.

Welcome to The Student Tablet PC! If you are here, you are likely considering a Tablet PC or you already own one and want to maximize your experience. The following will serve as a rough guide to help you explore some of what a Tablet PC can offer.
(For any term you’re not familiar with, please take a look at our Glossary)
We do cater to students, as we are students ourselves, but the information here relates to anyone who is interested in Tablet PCs and wants to manage information more effectively.


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