Even the Koch Brothers are dabbling in the medical business, but this one, is an Irish company and as the article mentions, it will be dovetailedimage under their current subsidiary company Molex Electric, who makes cable supplies.  Among other things the company makes disposable “probe” covers but it’s ok as it’s in Ireland and not related to abortion laws like the one in Virginia with mandatory vaginal probes. 

You can also see a sterile tablet cover advertised on the website as well as many other products. BD

Koch Industries, the vast US industrial empire run by controversial billionaires David and Charles Koch, has bought Sligo medical device manufacturer Protek Medical. The Irish medical devices sector is one of the most innovative in the world and is attracting significant investment.

The brothers, who are major donors to conservative US political causes, bought Protek via a Koch subsidiary, Molex.

Protek employs 180 people at manufacturing facilities in Sligo and Galway.

It provides outsourcing services, producing custom-built equipment for the rapidly-growing medical device industry. Ireland has enjoyed huge success in this sector; the country is one of the largest exported of medical device products in Europe and 18 of the world's top 25 medical technology companies have a base in Ireland.



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