This is pretty interesting and does make sense and I think we can all relate to this one, again depending on how muchimage time you spend with your nose in a device today. 

Nobody seems to immune to this one, all ages as a matter of fact.  We all do it.  Chiropractors now say there is a bit of a switch going on from patients with lower back pain to upper back. 

This gives a new meaning to a “pain in the neck”.  So now if you use devices frequently during the day there’s new stretching therapies out there and I guess this is yet one more possible argument that could be made with EMRs?  Oh who knows as I see a little bit of everything out there and this means that all the doctors and nurses who take care of me might have this too (grin).  This article is with a chiropractic focus here too so maybe physicians might have some input from their side too? 

One thing is correct though, we do spend a lot of time with our noses stuck in devices:)  BD 


Looking down at your tablet or smart phone constantly throughout the day, he said, forces a person's head into a forward position, putting stress on muscles, nerves and vertebrae. Doctors say for every inch a person tilts or cranes their head forward, they put an extra 10 pounds of pressure on their neck.

“We're starting to see disc degeneration at a younger age and people with chronic headaches and neck pain who never really had an issue and I think the long-term consequences of this is that people are getting arthritis in their neck at a much younger age,” Rogers said.


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