This is a pretty good article from Wired Magazine and it’s the truth and pretty much a lot of what I say here, so good to see others join in and make the case to try to start up a wake up call for consumers.  What you don’t see does hurt your or hurts your access.  Again we go back once more to a post I made about a year ago in the fact that people can’t tell the difference between virtual world values and the real world.  This is done on purpose to keep this confusion alive and well as it means big money for those mining and scoring your data.  It’s out there and many don’t want to deal with this reality and the media does a good job down playing it as a whole with a few exceptions where folks like myself and others try to get the truth out there.  image

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

Companies and banks mine and hold your data until they find a way to make money with it, so the data they mine today will cause you to lose access to something down the road if not done today.  It is what it is.  Take a look at how all your credit card data is mined and scored by Argus.  What’s even more alarming is the fact that the US Consumer Protection Bureau that is supposed to help us, is doing the same thing.  We have a very weak leader over there anyway that I sometimes question was placed there due to the politics of the big banks anyway, just a guy that does a little to keep the public thinking the agency is really worth it.  It could be as Elizabeth Warren designed it, but far from it now with Cordray being a bit of Dudley DoLittle with just enough action to make some news here and there.  Cordray is just like the rest of the regulators in only attempting to go after some low hanging fruit and has no clue on how to approach real white collar code hosing crimes. 

Argus Analytics Produces “Share of Credit Card” Data On Consumers - Digs Up The Dirt on Your Credit Card Behavior Patterns-US Consumer Protection Agency Is A Client-We Are Paying for Richard Cordray’s Slow Education Process

Over at HHS we now live under the six degrees of Bob Rubin, former US Treasury secretary and Citi Executive as Burwell was a former Director of his so don’t expect much there as we have the same old thing, “Stat Rat Fever” and the continued issue of the “Sebelius Syndrome” with whacked out perceptions of the virtual values that don’t play out well in the real world.  Speaking of Bob Rubin, it was pretty entertaining to hear the news story of him blaming Facebook for the polarity of the US at the last Milken Conference, so publicly he’s using the old blame  shift methodologies to remove the focus from what he has created over the years.  Give me a break.  The VA crisis should have been a wake up call for HHS, but not, they still are “Stat Rat Fever” addicts as that’s all they know and believe will lead to improvements. 

VA Crisis Should Be A Huge Wake Up Call , We Have Turned Into a Nation of “Stat Rats”, Losing Touch With the “Real” World As Virtual Values Confuse, Collide and Wreak Havoc As Models & Formulas Fail

Why does some of this software not work out there?  It’s because people don’t work that way and software folks want to make money and it’s hard to get software to work the way people do but it can be done but there’s a lot of models to scrap along the way and dump them.  The public usually will take care of those models as they don’t get used.  Where the real problem lies though with some of this is the continued push to force people to use broken models and that’s where the problem begin and continue. 

“People Don’t Work That Way” A World of Broken Software Models That Don’t Align To the Human Side,Too Much Push At Times With Only A Proof of Concept That Fails in the Real World..

The World Privacy Forum a couple years ago did an outstanding report which has been cited everywhere but sadly used by few to take into accounting as to what’s really going on.  Take the White House for example, you never hear a word from them about “data selling” or scoring, as they verbally tip toe around that reality and stuff you with a bunch of verbiage that will keep you satisfied for a moment or two (grin). 

World Privacy Forum Report - The Scoring of America: How Secret Consumer Scores Threaten Your Privacy and Your Future - One Big Element that Fuels the Continued Attack of Killer Algorithms & Demise of the Middle Class Creating Profiteering And/Or Denial of Access

The reality here is that companies and banks are treating you just like stock bots or a piece of currency to trade and market with little or no concern as to what impact it has.  They don’t care as it’s all about money.  They live on the fact that consumes are so easily duped.  More consumers are aware to a degree of what’s going on but not sure on what to do.  How do we do any type of regulation without knowing who the players are?  It’s the stupidest thing that’s gone on in the news forever…who are they?  We need an index to at least let the public know who’s selling the data and what kind of data.  It’s like “let’s throw the suckers (consumers) some new rewards program that’s all done on a credit card so we can sell more of their data.  Sadly too much of this works as American consumers are so cash strapped they need some of this to afford drugs and other items we need to live. 

In the paragraph below the writer at Wired makes a good point about the real world and virtual world values, he can close a physical door and windows for privacy but you can’t do that in the virtual world at all.  Again consumer at minimum deserve to know who’s doing all this data selling and who they sell to as the data out there is becoming more flawed all the time and the sad reality is nobody looks at the data, only the query results so you get “scored” by the error bars and the money making data selling folks don’t care.  Three years ago I said this would become a profit epidemic and it has.  Click on the image to the right and read about my small campaign and I have had a few folks contribute, mostly those who have already been screwed by the error bars in all of this. 

Last week I was in an office and overhead a person screaming to one on the phone about being solicited by a drug company for clinical trials about blood thinners.  They were very upset with the caller stating they had on record that this person takes them.  Well guess what, read on the Medical Quack about me being on one of those lists that are sold.  I couldn’t believe my ears in just over hearing this, so how big is the flawed data selling business?  Quite large I assume as the odds of this happening to me and then hearing another person I thought were not that big, but even I was dumbfounded on how big this abuse really is to hear it. 

We need a law passed to index and license all data sellers so we know who they are!!  How in the hell do you as a consumer go back and correct the flawed data being reported out there about you when you don’t know where to go!  If you get repackaged and resold, you can’t find who did it and prevent it from continuing.  Read about Anthem, a crime of opportunity as who knows when those hackers might republish this data and disguise it as “legal” data and profit.  It’s not that hard at all and on Twitter one of the Anonymous folks chimed in to tell me there are quite a few folks that hack with with data scientist skills to get and sell the data.  Don’t fool yourself and think they will immediately sell the data as they may not, it could be a year before it pops up out there or more, right about the time your subscription for protecting your data expires maybe.

Anthem Data Breach–Crooks Want to Sell Data Too–The Impact of the “Data Selling For Profit Epidemic” That Exists in the US With Scoring Consumers Removing Access and Human Dignity

This is the real deal and what’s going on out there and I call it the Attack of the Killer Algorithms (click on image at the right)  as that’s does all the work and we are “scored” as consumers secretly over and over and over and over, so you have no clue.  It also keeps inequality growing at a rapid pace as you get scored into a box where you can’t get out and have to defend yourself against flawed data reported about you.  You’re guilty by the data and you have to prove your innocence. 

The US is way over the top with all of this and it comes back to money and nobody is being held accountable as so many at the top are all duped and they don’t get the brunt of this as money can buy them out of it if their data does happen to fall into some of this activity.  Long and short is that we are all screwed here with no regulation and lack of people on the government side even smart enough to take any kind of action.  Welcome to Duperville and other countries see this as well as there’s nothing hiding it either and that’s why consumers in the US have such a bad name as we buy up anything we read about, so be a skeptic when you need to be. 

US “Data Selling Epidemic”-Privacy, mHealth and More Is Not Going Anywhere Until We Require All (Banks, Corporations, Insurers, Brokers, Etc.) To Buy A License to Distribute Data-You Need An Index Stupid To Identify Who to Regulate And Where…

It’s not tangible, so you don’t see it. And it changes the way that your information can be accessed and shared. The threat model is changing. I’m not just worried about people who are physically located in proximity getting access to images, and sounds, and information that I may broadcast. Now there are people and companies that are far removed from my physical location—that I may have no idea even exist—that now have access to my information.

In the physical world, if I want to keep something private, I can close the door, close the windows, adjust the blinds. There are very obvious, tangible things I can do to keep things private. I understand that if I change my clothes in front of an open window, that I’m risking people seeing me. And I understand that if don’t like that, I should either close the blinds or change somewhere else. This makes sense, and I don’t make mistakes and misunderstand the situation.

Every company in Silicon Valley is convinced that they’re going to come up with some new machine-learning algorithm that is going to help them mine gold out of people’s data. So they just need to keep all the data around until that happens. It does make sense to put some limits on that.


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