Who doesn’t like Jon Stewart but in seeing what philanthropy is doing today, some of the richest and most accomplished people today are giving away a big section of their wealth and I think this sets a very important role model for out future.  They don’t have to give back, but they are as it’s the right think to do with the Giving Pledge so if a tax law were to enforce that those in the high income brackets have a higher tax rate, then it’s a matter of a law that creates basically what the leaders in philanthropy are doing anyway and without a law the others clearly look like they don’t want to follow suit and don’t see the value here with current economic times, sad.

Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz From Facebook Join the Giving Pledge To Commit The Majority of Their Wealth to Philanthropy

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It does do one thing though with the current law and those who support the tax breaks for the rich, those caught up in “greed” are becoming immediately recognizable and I was actually surprised that a “deal” to maybe even look at raising the higher taxes to maybe $500 a year was not entertained, as again those folks at the top are giving away their wealth.  How many “greedy” members of Congress can you identify?  This was a very tough situation for the President to where greed controlled and held hostage the breaks that are needed by the middle class and people will remember this as to how it all came down to protecting the rich so the middle class would not get squashed in the process.  

Some were all ready, willing and able to let this happen, the illiterates or non participants in general consumer IT literacy I believe as when you watch the video you have to laugh at how the clips were done via the presentations in Congress here with the 70s analogies, and it appears a bit less than professional along with Jon’s comments that make it even more visible and funnier.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are truly ahead of the game and I think their hearts and brains are in the right place by comparison.  BD   

John Oliver explains that the wealth from the Bush tax cuts will trickle down like a golden stream of oddly hot champagne.

Supercuts - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 12/07/10 - Video Clip | Comedy Central


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