OneNote for Office 2007 | Laura Foy | Channel 10

This is a great video going over the high points of One Note. I use One Note every day to keep client issues together. The integration with Outlook is phenomenal as I have everything relative to a client issue in one place. I have been using One Note for many years and it is so simple to query notes from a year ago and have them available for a meeting with a client. Sending to and from One Note is also great as I can be in a meeting and email all participants the copies of the notes I just took during the meeting. BD

Gather your information in one place, find what you need fast, and share your notes and information. Get started with the new One Note.
For physicians just getting started with a tablet, the Ablet Factory has some very affordable "starter" kits if you are not ready for an enterprise EMR and later down the road this information can be transferred to another system. Information can be shared with another MD using One Note. Very much worth taking a look.


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