When IBMWatson first came out I thought it was great and still do for cancer research and other areas requiring deep data mining to find cures, but this, with “excess scoring” and selling of data mining has reached the limit.  If you read the article they don’t even know whatimage they might find or what they are doing.  Why spend all this money?  CVS is making money hand over fist and the Affordable Care Act Czar Nancy DeParle sits on their board raking in the money for goodness sakes. 

So if you don’t have any idea of what you are doing with this deep mining and cognitive technology, why do it?  Once this starts up, you’ll never find me in a CVS Minute Clinic, which I once thought were pretty cool, but adding on these big data lakes with clinicians who barely have enough time as it is, is not the answer.  I don’t like the fact that CVS is putting independent  pharmacies out of business at all.  You can read more about those tactics here.  You know what, these independent pharmacies never sold tobacco either, so knock off the marketing on that end of things as I never went in a CVS store to buy those products anyway, I want a prescription filled professionally and everything else in the store is just the side business. 

CVS Buys Independent Pharmacy, Picks Up A Slew of 7000 Ready Made Prescription Customers With Data To Mine and Sell…

When we can, we all avoid the “rewards” program as we know that adds profits to the approximate $2 billion that CVS makes imageselling our data every year.

CVS to Share More Medication Adherence Love With New Contracts–Will Have More Data to Sell…

So now that IBM is losing sales, we have this now to mine and sell our data as well.  Why in the heck doesn’t IBMWatson go to Congress and get our lawmakers to use their technology as that’s a huge need instead of needling US consumers and scoring up backwards and forwards with all types of data.  This is over the top and its exactly why the opportunities in the US are not there anymore, you’re scored out of any opportunities with data miners and sellers that just want to make money.  Now read this next link and CVS uses this software too, you are an OUTLIER now if you pay cash.  The software even tells the pharmacists, go after those OUTLIERS and bring your scores up.  This is not hear say either, this post was from a conversation with a real pharmacist with all the flawed data floating into their system with using “predictive scoring” that’s loaded with tons of error bars and defaults you to “non compliance”.  This is no way to get better care!

Patients Who Pay “Cash” When Filling Prescriptions Are Now Called “Outliers, Pharmacists Required to Fix Outliers as They Show Up As Non Medication Adherence Compliant With 5 Star Systems Full of Flawed Data…

Take IBMWatson into the science area and keep using it to find cures for cancer and not this “scoring and monitoring” image20of consumers as we are tired of thousands of algorithms constantly biting us and predictions that are way off base.  Linear data does not take into account the “real” world and that’s what’s wrong with a lot of the “scoring” systems.  Financial Quant Paul Wilmott says it the best with a simplified explanation of why it will never be 100 bottles of beer as the surroundings and conditions change and the same is true for each patient.  This same thought is true in healthcare and yet we keep ending up with Quantitated Justifications for things that are not true.  Scroll down and watch video #1 in the footer of this blog for more on that topic and see how you get duped with numbers.  By the way if you like this clip, watch video #2 in the footer for the entire documentary about Quants.  You might as well learn up as that’s who’s designing your health insurance policies and reimbursements today for healthcare. 

I can’t begin to even state how miserable this “scoring for profit” is making US consumers but we are tired of being “scored” with analytics that have no science and are just somebody’s proprietary formulas.  Next video gives you an idea on how economists fail.

People do not work the way that some of these software models are designed.  Again work on genetics, cancer, with IBMWatson and get the cognitive scoring algorithms off our backs!  Use medical information in a clinical surrounding and stop with this excess scoring and the hope that you might just find something.  Here’s a short clip from Video #2 in the footer talking about financial models and the same applies for healthcare…people don’t work that way. 

So can we please curb the madness here and stop putting all of us consumers through algorithm hell with trying to make some broken models work!  It’s not our fault that IBM sales are declining for the last 13 quarters and yet we are be punished by the excess scoring system that seems to live in the US as it makes money selling data.  I mean this stuff goes all the way up to the top with our President thinking quantitation of everything works and it doesn’t.  This is not going to improve outcomes, people working with people will improve outcomes.  I used to write software so I know what is possible and all software of course is not bad and there’s a lot of good stuff out there that makes us productive and turn out good work and idea, but this is not it! 

This is more or less consumers feeling the brunt of IBMs drooping sales and someone along the line got creative and thought this would be a good place to sell their technology, it’s not.  It hurts people with “excess scoring”.  Again take the IBMWatson technology back over to genetic studies, work on curing cancer, but get this IBMWatson “scoring” algorithms off our ass.  I can’t think of a better way to say it.

 Actually visit my campaign on indexing and licensing data sellers and IBMWatson would be right in the thick of it.  If we could only see what companies and banks were selling out data, we might fall off our chairs and this is not a good place for this technology.  I’m to the point now to where I could care less if I ever step foot in a CVS store again.  It’s over the top and we need competition and employees who have systems they can work with, and this is broken model from day one, so please stop the excess scoring here and harassment of consumers.  It’s not our fault that IBM spent too many years buying back stock instead of investing more in the company.   BD 

Operation “Perception-Deception” Into Full Swing in the US, With Killer Algorithms, Algo Fairies, Algo Duping, The Grays, and Of Course, Flags As Consumers Confuse Virtual World Values With the Real World…

IBM is teaming up with CVS Health to harness the power of the Watson supercomputing brain to transform how the care of patients with chronic conditions is managed.

Under a deal expected to be announced Thursday, the companies will work together to develop a system that would be able to provide better personalization of care, prevent the use of unneeded and costly interventions -- even predict health declines for a wide range of conditions including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Troyen A. Brennan, chief medical officer for CVS Health in an interview that no specific product or timeline has been worked out, but that the first stage would be to jointly develop intelligent algorithms and test them to see if they helped improve patient outcomes. He said he was hopeful some "realistic interventions" could be identified in one to two years.

Shahram Ebadollahi, chief science officer and vice president of innovation at Watson Health for IBM, said he hopes the technology developed through the partnership will help create an integrated, seamless system where every health care professional a patient encounters would have access to the most up-to-date information about a patient and the tools to be able to make sense of the information.



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