Theranos has stated they plan to get everyone of their tests approved by the FDA in time and it appears this the first.  The cost for the test is $9.07 so anyone insured or not insured can pretty much get the test done.  In Arizona, people don’t require aimage doctor to prescribe the test either.  I don’t know if this test was singled out to be first or not, but it’s not a bad start.

So far most know the company through their Wellness Centers in Walgreens stores but now they are expanding into doctor’s offices and in to hospitals.  I said a long time ago it was not a bad idea for doctors on their own to get set up with the mail order service.  The prices are certainly right and they can mean the difference of one getting a test or not.  The company is not required to get FDA approval on their tests but it’s rather a commitment from the company to do so.

Having other choices in addition to going to a Walgreens store is also a good thing. 

“It’s A Basic Human Right for Individuals to Have Access-One Drop of Blood”Theranos CEO & Founder, Elizabeth Holmes TED Video
Theranos On The Road To Expansion and Growth - Changing the Face of Medical Lab Tests, One Small Drop of Blood

This company is doing good things in the world of medicine today, they are functioning in the real world which what we need.  I think we are all burned out on all the “virtual” apps and other items that come and go with a short life in healthcare.  This one is here to stay. BD 

SAN FRANCISCO — In a ringing endorsement of its technology and a counter to its critics, Silicon Valley bio-tech company Theranos announced Thursday that its proprietary blood-testing system has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has granted approval to Theranos' finger-stick method and, more specifically, for its testing of the herpes simplex 1 virus.

"In order to realize our vision of early detection, lab tests must meet the highest quality standards, standards that are comprehensively set by FDA," founder Elizabeth Holmes said in a statement.

"FDA review is a uniquely rigorous process we undertook voluntarily because we remain deeply committed to ensuring that our systems and all of our laboratory developed tests are of the highest quality, and that patients and their physicians have access to the most accurate information about their health."


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