It doesn’t stop does it?  We all know by now that the savings and rewards cards are trackers and create data on our behaviors that is sold and scored, so here’s another one.  Push folks into high bills for their healthcare, then they need these cards to eat right?  Problem is that not only the food you buy with a discount is recorded but so is everything else, so don’t use this card and buy a candy bar at the same time. 

According to this article, you get a card in the mail and they sit back and hope you use it so they can imageget more data to sell. 

If that isn’t enough for you, look at this subsidiary of United Healthcare with their vending machine that does not take cash…here goes the war on cash again.  LHI is a government contractor that is owned by United Healthcare that does a lot of things from giving vets their disability physical and findings and sends it off to the VA to inoculating and performing physicals on soldiers before they are sent out of the country on duty, and that’s a lot of money made there as well.

LHI is constantly looking for doctors to work for them at low rates and provide Vets with their VA disability initial information they need to get into the VA system and they are that contractor in 38 states.   Anyway, with the vending machines, they want to capture more of your credit card data to sell and send off to other behavioral subsidiaries of Untied Healthcare, not to forget that Master Card and Visa love to get the additional transaction data to sell as well if you use one of their cards with the vending machines. 

“LHI’s fresh food vending pilot program began in March in conjunction with its mother ship, OptumHealth, and Optum’s owner, UnitedHealth Group, in the Twin Cities suburbs. It enlists Optum’s Knourish vending machines to dispense meals designed by an LHI dietitian and chefs at The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern in La Crosse, where the meals are prepared.”

So this is yet another profit center for this subsidiary of United Healthcare. So when you use your credit card in the machine, it’s a couple dollars that go to the overall United Healthcare revenue pool.  In addition, LHI also campaigns for better mental healthcare so that could possibly be sending more folks over to Optum Mental Health Services, which is home based in the Silicon Valley in California. 

If you use the card and decide give out more personal data, you know it’s probably going to one of the many behavioral health subsidiaries of United to be researched and scored.  That was already started with “scoring” you on medication behavior prediction scores.  Keep in mind that medication adherence prediction scores are not the same as normal monitoring at all, as these are proprietary “scoring” metrics that some data scientist came up with and they are non scientific and you can’t get that score from them at  all, it’s a secret.  Here’s more on that topic…and the war on cash over there.  United Healthcare is one of the biggest sellers of healthcare data.  BD 

Patients Who Pay “Cash” When Filling Prescriptions Are Now Called “Outliers, Pharmacists Required to Fix Outliers as They Show Up As Non Medication Adherence Compliant With 5 Star Systems Full of Flawed Data…

United Healthcare said it is expanding its Healthy Savings program offering discounts on prequalified healthy foods to people in northern Illinois and northwest Indiana enrolled in a United Healthcare insurance plan.

Healthy Savings provides potential monthly savings of $150 on prequalified healthy foods from more than 140 food and beverage brands. Plan participants receive a Healthy Savings card by mail and scan their card during checkout at 184 Jewel-Osco, 32 Mariano’s and 45 Shop 'n Save locations throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana. Forty-four Country Market stores will be added in the fall, the company said.


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