I think all may remember Dr. Zeke Emanuel writing the famous post on the New York Times that basically said he wants to die at age 75 and further insinuated that all of us have served out our usefulness at that age.  A little bit more about Zeke is he also has been writing US Healthcare policy at the CAP (Center for American Progress) think tank for a number of years.  The think tank was started by John Podesta who is imagea big promoter of Obama and just happens to be Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager as well.  That’s enough to make anyone almost choke at this point. 

The CAP has had a lot of people venturing in and out of the think tank and one in particular is Lois Quam, another big Hillary buddy who has been given all types of positions at the State Department while Hillary held that office.  Lois Quam was a big executive at United Healthcare prior, actually the person who set up the AARP contract and PacifiCare acquisition.  She escaped getting prosecuted when the former CEO of United Healthcare was prosecuted by the Department of Justice for back dating stock certificates. 

In addition, we may all remember the economist from MIT, Jonathon Gruber, who said the US consumers are stupid.  In a way he was correct as he works with financial models that consumers do not have access too, so that makes us stupid. 

If you have read any of Dr. Emanuel’s writings over the years, it’s almost a front page commercial for United Healthcare and their Optum division.  It’s been on the web for a few years in his own words.  Again being at the CAP with Lois Quam and various other members that are either current or former employees of United Healthcare could have some impressions there. 

As a matter of fact here’s a CAP article telling Secretary Burwell basically what she should do, written by Zeke and published at the CAP.  You should read it and in today’s world of complex data and math models, you can realize what Zeke is recommending and what Burwell came out with and set as a goal are impossible to reach, the model is already broken as people can’t physically adapt and be algorithms to enter all the data these 2 dreamers think is possible with some pixie dust.  This is what’s been writingimage our healthcare policy, a bunch of dreamers who have never written code. 

Payment Reform Action Plan: Meeting the New Medicare Payment Reform Target

Now I guess it’s Money ball time for Dr. Emanuel in advising this Venture Capital firm on how they can make money and again reference the “dreamer” notations above and they all become dreamers as again they are creating models that are physically impossible to do.  We’re humans needing care and we can’t sacrifice quality of care to meet these impossible goals, not matter what the data says.  Scroll on down to the bottom of this page and watch video #1 about quantitated justifications for things that are just not true and you’ll get the idea from Professor Siefe, mathematician at NYU, who by the way has sued HHS a couple times over not releasing public information.

Here’s a couple paragraphs from a prior post I’ll add here as it has relevance with cronyism in government healthcare today…

“So while everyone was worried about the big stir up with United Healthcare politically stirring up the news with the Affordable Act insurance policies , you had this purchase going on as well.  United/Optum has grown by acquiring other companies.  In addition if you can’t afford care, there’s another option at Optum (which you have to pay for) with a “discount card” called Health Allies.  This company was founded by current CMS head, Andy Slavitt and the daughter of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Warren Tyagi in California when both of them got together at a “beach house” as it was quoted in an interview in California from knowing each other at the McKinsey Group.  We all know what “The Firm” (McKinsey) group is today, the “CEO school” basically as written about in the book called “The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business”.   Being that Warren’s daughter now runs a company that is stated to compete with McKinsey, one could speculate if the agency had anything to do with the fact that a former United Healthcare Executive ended up running the NHS i the UK as well.  You can ponder that one if you like.  The company finds McKinsey like people to run companies.

You can go here for the visual history on Health Allies and take a look. I might guess both Warren’s daughter and Current CMS Head Andy Slavitt made a big haul here with United buying Health Allies and I think allowed Mr. Slavitt to go further and create the Ingenix subsidiary of United Healthcare, which has a huge history of not being honest with their math models and algorithms.”

We also have Anthony Welters, the Executive VP Assistant to the CEO of United Healthcare who also has been elected to the board of the Private Equity firm Carlyle, who just experienced a loss on the last quarter reports that could have some impact in the direction of healthcare investments.  In addition to the Health Allies firm mentioned above, let’s not forget the Optum full custodial saving bank.  It’s an interesting read here as those who put their money in an HSA here when they reach $2100 in savings, also get marketed to put that money in Mutual Funds, so here you go, spend it on the healthcare you need or gamble in the markets with mutual funds for your care? 

United Healthcare Owns a Bank-Optum Bank That Will Collect Your HSA Money, Give You a MasterCard to Empty It Out-Which Enables Even More Data Mining and Selling Transactions About You

One has to wonder though on whether or not any anti-trust inquiries will appear?  Currently Loretta Lynch (see image on the right) who serves as the head of the Department of Justice used to represent United Healthcare with their anti-trust suits, so go figure.”

Anyway, you might want to read the other article as there’s a lot more but this is the group that has influenced healthcare in the US for a number of years, again lead by the John Podesta Think Tank, the CAP.  So again, now it appears there’s more of a money grab here for the doctor going to work for a VC firm to advise on “what sells” and what Healthcare policies he’s been able to write for the US Government at the CAP?  When Andy Slavitt was nominated, the CAP wrote article after article praising the President on his selection as well, ignoring the tons of lawsuits filed against his former Untied Healthcare subsidiary, Ingenix. 

Is this a good thing having the doctor on board at a VC firm and still writing HHS Healthcare Policy?  BD 

GREENWICH, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oak HC/FT, a leading venture growth-equity fund investing in healthcare information and financial technology companies, announced today the appointment of Ezekiel “Zeke” J. Emanuel as Venture Partner. Emanuel will put forth his unique expertise around the American healthcare system to advise the firm as well as current and potential partners, including entrepreneurs and portfolio company executives.

“Zeke’s passion for transitioning the healthcare system to higher quality and lower costs is completely aligned with our firm’s mission and purpose,” said Annie Lamont, managing partner at Oak HC/FT. “We are thrilled that Zeke has joined our growing team to provide deep expertise on each aspect of the American healthcare system. Together we will work towards enhancing the impact of our companies and entrepreneurs to fix the system for patients of all ages.”



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