Ok this is something new here and obviously Optum has been busy out signing contracts I would guess with all three of the Medical Records Companies.  One has to wonder why would the EHR company not being doing this themselves or is this the next phase of outsourcing support?   Is this a back door sales effort to get their Revenue Cycling included in the product sale?  A couple of years ago Cerner became a reseller of the Optum Revenue Cycling software and integrated it in their systems and the current CEO of Optum Insights came from Cerner. 

Epic Consulting Services

“Our consultants bring significant industry knowledge, solid experience,image practical approaches and Epic expertise to each engagement. We know the “Epic way” and offer you a unique consulting model combined with the security of being a Certified Epic Consulting Partner. This makes the implementation process efficient and effective for your organization.”

Back in November of 2011 Optum created a Medical clearinghouse platform to connect with Epic Medical Records. 

OptumInsight (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of United HealthCare Optum Division) Creates Medical Clearinghouse Integrated With Epic Practice Management Software-Subsidiary Watch

Allscripts Consulting Services

“OptumInsight experts bring significant industry knowledge, solid experience, and Allscripts™ domain expertise to each engagement. Our consultants’ unique skills and practical approaches support efficient, effective, and successful EHR implementation.”

Allscripts just posted a $50 million dollar loss for the quarter, saving money maybe?

GE Centricity Consulting Services

Our consultants bring significant industry knowledge, solid experience, and GE Centricity domain expertise to each engagement. We apply our knowledge to create an efficient and effective implementation process for your organization”

In addition the company sells their own EMR

Optum Physician EMR is a web-based application fully integrated with all the operational functionsimage of the practice. Pulling charts, approving refill requests, and signing lab results are just a click away. This simplicity strengthens the patient physician experience, improves quality, and reduces costs.

They also have an EMR named Care Tracker that has been around for a long time and I’m not sure if the Optum EMR and this one are the same.

Ingenix (Subsidiary of United Health Group) Marketing Care Tracker EHR To Community Health Centers–Subsidiary Watch

In addition the company also owns Picis, this was the software they had to recently recall that had about 6 glitch problems.

icis Software Used in Emergency Rooms At Hospitals, Subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare Issues A Recall As Doctors Notes Relative to Prescriptions Vanished-Killer Algorithms Show Up Again..

Another subsidiary of United they purchased, Axolotl also markets and sells an electronic medical record system. 

Axolotl (A Subsidiary of Ingenix) Creates Reporting and Analytics Solution for Health Information Exchanges–Algorithms for HIE–Business Intelligence -Subsidiary Watch

One other interesting development too was the creation of yet one more subsidiary called Optum 360 with Dignity Healthcare, again getting that revenue cycling software in there and they are already a Cerner client.  This I believe was under the Optum subsidiary, not the Insights but correct if I missed something on this one so does one ask where’s the Cerner consultant agreement maybe?  Is that one next or is Optum the next new member to join the Commonwell Alliance?

United Healthcare Adding Yet One More Subsidiary to the Very Large Number of Subs They Already Own/Operate-Optum and Dignity Healthcare (A System Wide Cerner EHR Client) Form New Venture Called Optum 360–Subsidiary Watch

One more under the subsidiary umbrella in the last couple months… 51% ownershipimage  of yet one more newly founded group…SimonMed…this gets interesting again watching the maximization of the “non profit” foundation owning 51% of the new company Wave Imaging a subsidiary of MemorialCare Foundation, the subsidiary of United Healthcare so in the announcement of Optum 360, no mention of how much of a stake Dignity has here other than the fact that Optum is the controlling interest. 

This Chinese gateway company they own is also interesting and I wonder if this may some how compliment their “Chinese made hearing aid” company, a bank and we have hospice for profit here

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

There’s also some investing and ownership with with surgical centers.  We are all aware of hospital systems buying up surgical centers and there’s also insurance company subsidiary action here too.  Via the MemorialCare subsidiary of Optum, the subsidiary of United HealthGroup created a new venture or subsidiary called Beach Surgical Holdings, LLC in February of 2013 .

Besides the QSSI subsidiary that is doing the Federal Hub imagethere’s also another big government contractor they own , LHI which was originally created years ago to be a government contract vendor with a former director of HHS on staff at the time..  The LHI subsidiary in the United group does VA exams and big DOD occupational health events.  They are always looking to sign up more doctors to do VA disability exams and make money from the DOD. 

So what is the behemoth not doing?  Here’s a couple links where you can view some very lengthy lists of subsidiaries as listed with the SEC for UnitedHeatlhGroup and United Healthcare. 



Internationally here’s look at what’s happening in the UK with United and one of their US executives is leaving here to take over running the NHS in England. 

United Healthcare Executive to Leave the US and Run the NHS in England-Big Data Math Models and Algorithmic Business Intelligence Formulas On the Move…All About Money…

That’s for subsidiary watch today…BD


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