Nobody is immune from needing help and my cause is two fold here with both keeping the Medical Quack alive and well and to also look for a little help for some family medical bills.   Mom had surgery and died about 4 weeks afterwards.  I’m glad I was there during her surgery as I was not able to be there at the end.  I miss her a lot.  Hospice took good care of her through the end and if you ever need a great service as such in Phoenix, it’s called “Hospice of the Valley”, the best.   For the next couple of weeks I may have some time to post a couple here and there but it will be light and not the normal amount of blog posts, and for a few days there may not be any new blog posts so bear with me and keep coming back.  Thanks to all who take time to read the Medical Quack and I do hope I provide some value information.  Barbara Duck

GoFundMe did not ask me to do this post or campaign and I thought I should mention that as this is my own person effort here, but again by publicizing the site it may also offer answers for others too.

I felt funny about putting this out there but you know what, Hollywood actresses are using it to help fund their cancer treatments too. Here’s an article on Karen Black with her cause.

We don’timage have as much expense as she does but we are in the same boat with Mom. Kate Bornstein is another cause and then there’s the little folks like me with small goals by comparison so if you can I appreciate it and will keep the Medical Quack going to hopefully keep information flowing.

Also there are victims from the Boston bomb incident that can maybe use a little help as well, one example here…Bucks for Bauman He was injured in the bomb blast.

Thank you so much

Other similar crowd funding sites below to check out for fund raising..


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