The boy had been given injections of umbilical cord blood and his symptoms improved tremendously from being in a vegetable state.  Now he has been able to learn how to talk and to move.   The umbilical blood used was his own, stored from the time of his birth.  image

The chances of survival were minimal but it appears this treatment of the child stands to be something worth more study in the fight against cerebral palsy and the boy is certainly much better off than he was at the start being totally brain dead after a heart attack.  His progress has been studied for 40 months.  BD

Medics in Germany said they have successfully treated a child with cerebral palsy for the first time.

Just weeks after being given an intravenous stem cell treatment from umbilical cord blood, the symptoms of a boy who had been left in a vegetative state after a heart attack improved considerably and within months he could talk and move.

The doctors who carried out the treatment said the results of the treatment dispel "long-held doubts" surrounding the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.

They studied the progress of recovery at two, five, 12, 24, 30 and 40 months after his brain injury.

Jensen and his colleague Professor Eckard Hamelmann of the Department of Paediatrics at the Catholic Hospital Bochum, reported their success in the journal Case Reports in Transplantation.


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