Allscripts contends their offices or rather their employees working in their offices at the Merchandise Mart can’t function due to all the noiseimage being created as Google is moving in to the top floors and the landlord is preparing and remodeling for their new tenant.  As it reads, noise is not addressed in their lease and so this will end up being some type of a judgment decision.  Google will be the largest tenant in the building when completed.  Allscripts has been a tenant for nine years. 

Allscripts states their employees are irritable and unable to concentrate due to all the noise of the construction work.  Allscripts filed a cease and desist letter to the mart asking them to stop using nail and screw guns as well as other tools that make noise but nobody’s listening.  This case should prove interesting as I don’t think Google’s Motorola Mobility United would be willing to move elsewhere, or on the other hand maybe they would?  Allscripts certainly doesn’t sound ready to move and more than likely they have a lease with conditions as well.  BD

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, a nine-year tenant of the River North edifice, is suing its landlord, saying it violated a lease with the health IT company when it started making repairs and improvements to five floors just below Allscripts' offices on the 19th and 20th floors.
“As a result of the noise and vibrations generated by the construction equipment, Allscripts' employees have been unable to concentrate or to conduct regular business activities,” according to the suit, filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court. “Additionally, the constant noise and vibrations generated by the construction equipment has negatively impacted employees' physical and mental well-being, making them anxious, impatient and irritable.”

The owner of the Merchandise Mart, New York-based Tornado Realty Trust, is preparing the space for Google's Motorola Mobility unit, which agreed last year to lease 572,000 square feet in the building and move about 2,300 employees there from Libertyville. It was the largest downtown office lease since 2005.


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