So far the delivery system has been tested in animals and a patent is being applied for.  An inhaled approach with chemotherapy imagecan help avoid the toxic exposure to other parts of the body and we all know how that goes with treatment.  It can also go directly to the target without an IV infusion.  More work is still needed before the process can go into clinical trials on humans.  The percentage of the drug delivered also rose to 83% from 23% with an IV injection.  BD

In more conventional chemotherapy for lung cancer, the drugs tend to accumulate in the liver, kidney and spleen, with much less of the drugs ever making it to the lungs. In this study, the amount of the drug delivered to the lungs rose to 83 percent with the inhalation approach, versus 23 percent with injection.

This work was supported by the National Cancer Institute, National Science Foundation, and the Department of Defense.

"A drug delivery system that can be inhaled is a much more efficient approach, targeting just the cancer cells as much as possible," he said. "Other chemotherapeutic approaches only tend to suppress tumors, but this system appears to eliminate it."

A patent is being applied for on the technology, and more testing will be necessary before it is ready for human clinical trials, the researchers said.


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