This is one huge award which the hospital says they are going to appeal and as the LA Times stated it could be the largest harassment award on record.  When you look at the allegations, the one that stands out that is actually a bit scary is the accusation against a surgeon who broke the ribs of a patient during during a surgical procedure in a fit of rage.  image

In addition the case said 4 others came forward to testify as well.  The PA was fired from Mercy Hospital after 2 years and stated and I assume had on record numerous complaints that were never dealt with.  The settlement may be reduced but still this is a very large case held against what was called “hostilities” at Mercy Hospital.  She stated that cardiology brings in the most money too for the hospital as it does pretty much everywhere so a lot was over looked she said as not to disturb the cash cow.  Commenters stated that even with an appeal the juries findings would probably not be changed, but only the award amount.  right now with the focus on re-admissions, hospitals are in fact looking for ways to market and bring in “new” admissions although it may not be cardiology in essence but rather more testing that could lead to new admissions if problems are found.

At A Time When Medicare is Looking to Cut Down on Re-Admissions Hospitals are Marketing to Find New Admissions As A Source of Revenue

Not too long ago a hospital group used a 3rd party to help them improve their financial position and through a notebook being stolen, it was uncovered that actual patient records were viewed by Wall Street investors with how the company planned to reduce costs at the hospitals.  They are now being sued by the state of Minnesota.

Accretive Health Debt Collector Employee Has Laptop Stolen With Non Encrypted Patient Data from 2 Hospitals And Had Access to All the Data Via Revenue Cycling - Patient Information Was Shared With Wall Street Investors – Algorithms For Profit Again?

So back on track we have bad behavior coupled with a hospital system trying to keep money coming in the door and the balance was lost along the way with patient care that seemed to take the back seat along with having a good working environment.  It was just in January of this year that Catholic Healthcare West announced their name change and their affiliation with the Catholic Church of which Mercy Hospital was part of .  Well I guess there was no “dignity” at Mercy Hospital  with this case ruling.  BD    image

Catholic Healthcare West Ending It’s Affiliation With the Catholic Church–Changing It’s Name

Ani Chopourian told of sexually inappropriate conduct, bullying and retaliation at a Sacramento hospital. The award is believed to be the largest for a single victim of workplace harassment in U.S. history.

Ani Chopourian lost track of how many complaints she filed during the two years she worked as a physician assistant at Sacramento's Mercy General Hospital.
There were at least 18, she recalled, many having to do with the bullying surgeon who once stabbed her with a needle and broke the ribs of an anesthetized heart patient in a fit of rage. Another surgeon, she said, would greet her each morning with "I'm horny" and slap her bottom. Yet another called her "stupid chick" in the operating room and made disparaging remarks about her Armenian heritage, asking if she had joined Al Qaeda.

"Cardiac surgery brings in the most money for any hospital facility, which is why they are willing to turn a blind eye to illegal and inappropriate behavior," Chopourian said. "We had four very strong witnesses who were frightened to speak out but did so because they felt it was important that someone put a stop to this.",0,1798285.story


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