Again with marketing today and finding short comings on various clinical trial reportings what is the real truth about statins?  This doctor said the FDA called it right and granted they have to personally sift through all the reports and so forth before making their decision as they are accountable and who the US citizens depend on for their information.  Most of the time they seem to get it right but they are not like anyone in the fact that they have to take the time to do a full review of all the information at the FDA.image

I am glad he addressed the sore muscle side effect that everyone seems to miss and recommend supplementing COq10 so when the statins deplete the body a supplement can be taken to help out.  I don’t take statins but I take COq10 and it does make a difference in how I feel and I don’t get cramps in my legs anymore.  I didn’t experience a lot of them, but none is better for me.  Remember the Jupiter report that says we should all be taking a statin?

The Jupiter Report with Crestor – What Side effects?

Then in 2009 we had the FDA agree with the wider use of Crestor..and again why this drug versus the other statins, including best selling Lipitor is beyond me…

FDA Committee Agrees With Wider Use of Crestor – Is The Jupiter Study Data Creeps Up Once Again

Here’s what a doctor said back in 2008 about statins…and he’s pretty much right on with this article from the orthopedic surgeon. 

  • All Americans will now get Crestor to reduce their CRP to reduce their chances of developing heart disease. 
  • All Americans Will now get lisinopril to prevent the proteinuria they will get from their diabetes they get from Crestor
  • All Americans will now take metformin to treat the diabetes they developed while taking Crestor
  • All Americans will now take Lyrica to prophylax  for the the neuropathic pain they will get from developing diabetes while taking Crestor.
  • All Americans will now take an aspirin to reduce the risk of developing a stroke from the diabetes they got from taking Crestor.
  • All Americans will now take prilosec to reduce the risk of developing an ulcer from the aspirin they were taking to reduce the risk of stroke due to the diabetes they developed while taking Crestor to reduce their asymptomatic CRP level.
  • All Americans will now take carvedilol to reduce the risk of death from the coronary artery disease they developed as a result of the diabetes they developed as a result of the Crestor they were taking to reduce their CRP to reduce their chances of developing coronary artery disease.

Later in 2009 we had this from the UK that said everyone over 55 should take blood pressure medication too.

Expert in the UK Says Everyone 55 and Over Should be Taking Blood Pressure Medication

So again with studies and information we hear out there what is marketing and what is clinical information…you do have to wonder.  Myself I have several posts on this blog about muscle pain and weakness here so you do wonder why that was left out of the entire side effects report from the FDA.  Lack of COq10 makes muscles weaker and that includes the heart as noted by this doctor so again he says that statins are useful and have value but never get discontinued for a patient when levels return to normal.  He also says the group of patients that benefit are those with documented heart disease.  The overall benefit for lifetime use of statins he states is not needed in most situations. 

Listen to this radio show at the link below on how clinical trials and studies are presented to us and how we are sucked in half the time.  BD

“Numbers Don’t Lie, But imagePeople Do”–Radio Interview from Charles Siefe–Journalists Take Note, He Addresses How Marketing And Bogus Statistics Are Sources of Problems That Mislead the Public & Government

I still wonder too whatever happened to the Tomato pill,  ATERONON™ that was deemed as being a potential treatment for high cholesterol too?  Is it still a logical choice being that is has been clinically proven?  BD

The Tomato Pill for the Treatment Of High Cholesterol

“ATERONON™ is the first clinically proven, natural supplement for the inhibition of LDL cholesterol oxidation – a leading cause of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

Within just two months, a daily dose of ATERONON™ reduces the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (also known as 'bad' cholesterol) by over 90%.

ATERONON™ is best taken each day to maintain effective levels of lycopene in the body, in order to continue to help inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and to reduce the risk of plaque build-up in the arteries. “

What does a knee surgeon know about statins' side effects? Plenty, after seeing scores of patients improve their memory, strength, vigor and sex drive after stopping these popular drugs.

Statins — known by brand names such as Lipitor and Crestor — are prescribed to lower cholesterol. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently decided to require that statin labels include warnings about the rare but serious risk of liver damage, memory loss and confusion, and Type 2 diabetes. Certain statins — known by the generic, lovastatin — can also raise the risk of muscle weakness, which I've seen in my patients.

Additionally, when follow-up blood work shows decreasing cholesterol levels, rarely are statins discontinued or decreased. The usual recommendation is to continue statins for the rest of their lives, which amounts to an annuity for the drugmakers.

A recent Cochrane Review of many studies confirmed 1,000 people without heart disease had to be treated with statins to prevent one death. Therefore 999 people, paying $5 per pill, are not going to live one day longer, but they will enrich the pharmaceutical industry's coffers and are at risk for the many real side effects of stopping production of cholesterol — a wonderful molecule responsible for healthy cell membranes, sex hormones, nerve conduction and brain function, all of which contribute to life as we know it today.

Make no mistake: Statins have real benefits, but only for a limited group of people, mostly men with documented heart disease and with only a small benefit. Most healthy people and all women without a history of heart disease will not live one day longer if they took statins daily for 30 years

A final dirty little secret is statins' depletion of Co-Q 10, a vitamin-like substance in our cells important for energy production. Less Co-Q 10 is the main culprit behind muscle aches and pains and even weakening of the heart pump in patients with heart failure. How ironic those patients with congestive heart failure are given a medication that can make them worse.,0,3367573.story


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