Prime Healthcare is moving beyond the California borders for their expansion with buying hospitals who are in financial straights or in the line to be there of.  It’s easier to buy a hospital while it is still operating rather than to close everything and then look for a buyer. 

Prime had also tried to buy the 2 financially strapped hospitals in Hawaii that closed at Christmas time in 2011 where all employees received a lay off slip instead of gifts.  In addition there has been the “billing” questions with Prime and I posed the question too of whether it was humans upcoding in this instance or was it the automated input from the software.  One has to start wondering when you keep hearing the same story over and over for years with fines for billing errors.

Prime Healthcare Responds to Billing Practices–Flawed Data and Algorithms Once Again-Who Got Sold a Bill of Goods as Kaiser, Stanford & Other Hospitals Had a Ton of Kwashiorkor Malnutrition Billings

Most of the facilities when purchased by Prime undergo some major changes and many services currently provided end up being dropped.  BD 

ONTARIO, Calif., Feb. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Prime Healthcare Services announced today that it has acquired Roxborough Memorial Hospital, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Solis Healthcare. Roxborough Memorial is an award-winning 140-bed acute care hospitalimage that serves the healthcare needs of residents in Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls and the surrounding areas of Northwest Philadelphia and Montgomery County.

"We look forward to improving the already excellent care provided at Roxborough Memorial Hospital and continuing the strong relationships with the local physicians and community," said Prem Reddy, M.D., FACC, FCCP, Chairman of Prime Healthcare Services. "I'm especially pleased to be associated with the residency programs and school of nursing and plan to continue their admirable and important work."


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