Who can forget this story, I can’t and then shortly there after we had the story imageabout the model in Brazil who lost limbs as well.  The woman is also partially blinded from the massive infection.  This was terrible as doctors sent her home and missed the diagnosis.  She is only 35 and granted the money is nice and will help with the kids for sure but she says it is a bit of a nightmare getting up every day and I could agree with her sentiments there. 

NYC Mom Sues Hospital After Losing Both Hands and Feet – Infection lead to Sepsis

It took her 5 months to learn how to walk again with the prosthetics and she has 4 of the, both hand and legs.  BD 

A brave Brooklyn mom whose hands and feet were amputated in a shocking medical nightmare has won a $17.9 million settlement from the city and a hospital.

The payout means the end of a three-year legal battle for Tabitha imageMullings — though her fight to live a normal life may never be over.

“The reality is, I'm going to be like this the rest of my life,” said Mullings, 35, who was also partially blinded by a massive infection after doctors sent her home from the hospital and paramedics refused to take her back.

“I'm always going to have to have help to do everything, using the bathroom, using a toothbrush. I can’t do anything on my own,” said Mullings, who has three sons.

Money, she said, will not erase the grim reality she faces when she opens her eyes each morning.



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