4-methylimidazole) ahs been added by the State of California as a potential cancer imagerisk so to comply, the caramel will be reformulated so the risk of the chemical is no longer present.  I can’t say that I would look forward to a can or bottle of Coke or Diet Coke with having a cancer warning label on it myself.

There has not been any reported cases of folks developing cancer with drinking Coke and this appears to be a very small element of the soft drink.  BD

Coca-Cola, America’s most popular soda, said it will adjust the formula of its caramel color to keep from having to label the soda with a cancer warning to comply with California regulations.

“The company did make the decision to ask its caramel suppliers to make the necessary manufacturing process modifications to meet the requirement of the State of California,” Coca-Cola told NPR.

The additive in question, a compound called 4-MI or 4-MEI (long name: 4-methylimidazole), has been the target of a campaign by consumer groups to ban it, claiming it causes cancer.



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