This time they appeared not to even touch Massachusetts is appears as last time MDs from some great hospitals were upset they were either not on the list or not ranked properly.  Healthgrades said themselves a while back that their algorithm needs work and now they merged with a marketing company but I wonder how long the rankings here will continue to be of public interest.  I know it’s sure slowed down a lot with consumers I talk to. 

HealthGrades to Merge with CPM Marketing–Will Their Data and Questionable Algorithms Will Be Improved For Consumers?

They have their share of flawed data out there like many who report on healthcare and they were just ahead of the rest when I found my former doctor who has been deceased for 8 years still on their listings.  I know she’s no longer on there but it brought attention to what we get out on the web as far as aggregated data sometimes.  I didn’t see any of the Kaiser Permanente hospital on there either for that matter.  BD 

HealthGrades 'Best Hospital' List Algorithm Needs Work Again - Flawed Data

DENVER, CO – HealthGrades, a provider of consumer healthcare information, named America’s best 50 and 100 hospitals for 2012 in a report issued today.

These hospitals demonstrated superior and sustained clinical quality, ranking them in the top five percent of all hospitals in the nation, according to a press release issued by the company.

Key report findings include:

  • America's 50 and 100 best hospitals are located in 88 cities in 25 states.
  • The majority of America's 50 and 100 best hospitals are nonprofit (87 percent), 7 percent are for profit, and 6 percent are government owned.
  • America's 50 and 100 best hospitals range from 100 beds to more than 500 with 45 percent having less than 350 beds and 55 percent having more than 350 beds.

"As our nation seeks to elevate the quality of care at all hospitals, these elite facilities provide a roadmap for success," said Arshad Rahim, MD, HealthGrades director of accelerated clinical excellence, in a written statement. "Consumers increasingly are demanding greater transparency and quality when selecting healthcare providers. These hospitals are delivering. We commend them for their dedication to excellence in patient care.",0&topic=19


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