Well some of this is finally coming full circle with making villains out of over weight imagechildren.  We have just about villainized just about every type of non perfect behavior we have out there today and when the exhibit and the “on line game” reached a peak on this subject. 

We can shock everyone into making changes as the article describes how this can also hurt self esteem and I think in our society today with some of the anger and mean comments we see, something to think about.  Sometimes today there’s just a little too much of some of this in our face, depending on where you travel and what you do.  Sometimes a little too much negative with sending messages can back fire and that is apparently what happened here.  BD 

"I think they (Disney) likely subscribed to that common misconception that this is something we should just be able to push away from the table and cure," said Ottawa bariatric surgeon Yoni Freedhoff, whose blog post sparked a public outcry over the attraction at Walt Disney Co's world-famous Florida theme park.

"The truth is, if it was that simple to manage weight, I'm pretty confident we wouldn't have a problem," said Freedhoff.

Disney last month unofficially opened the interactive exhibit called "Habit Heroes" at Epcot, one of the sites at the park, and introduced a companion online game. 

Freedhoff blogged on February 23 about what he called the "horrifying" exhibit.

Disney closed the exhibit two days later following complaints and petition drives by other advocates for the overweight and people with eating disorders.

"The attraction and game feature negative stereotypical characters, traditionally used to torment overweight kids, will potentially reinforce and strengthen a cycle of bullying, depression, disease, eating disorders and even suicidal thoughts," the petition stated.



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