This was the oncologist that couldn’t help himself and made millions and on top of this the government seems to have messed up with the auctioning of his big house.  The sale of his house was supposed to pay off damages and give the government some money back but the government liens were not filed against the Justices as individuals so the trustee says they will get zero.

The house by the way sold for just under $10 million so the defrauding business was good while it lasted and this was his second go around as he was slapped on the hands basically the firs time.  If there were big payments due on that house, no wonder he couldn’t help himself maybe?  BD


Orange County Oncologist Gets Sentenced to 18 months Prison – Diagnosed With “Co-Dependency”- Couldn’t Stop Fraudulently Billing Medicare

A technical glitch overlooked by federal prosecutors may impede the U.S. government from collecting nearly $7.6 million owed by an Orange County physician convicted of Medicare fraud.

The sale of Dr. Glen Justice’s beachfront Corona del Mar house was supposed to pay off damages and restitution he owes the government.

But a court-appointed trustee maintains that the government should get nothing from a sale now in the works because government liens were filed against the Justices as individuals and not against the trusts named on the deed.

Justice pleaded guilty in 2010 to five counts of fraud for billing the government and private insurers for expensive cancer drugs that were never given to patients.


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