This new lawsuit comes right on the heels of the big award for a physician’s assistant who won a large settlement by jury with her discrimination lawsuit and again patient safety is the common denominator here as well.  image

California Physician Assistant Awarded $168M - Sexual Harassment Suit In Sacramento Against Dignity Healthcare–Formerly Catholic Healthcare West

The complaints from the female doctor here are similar in content in the fact that she had filed them and they had not responded other than to shift her to an outpatient clinic.  One other common factor here too is that is again revolves around the cardiology department.  BD 

A lawsuit filed by California cardiologists against a county hospital, claiming that they were persecuted and forced out of their jobs after exposing inadequate patient care, is likely headed to trial after a mediation attempt failed.

A lawsuit filed by 4 California cardiologists against Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is likely headed to trial after a mediation attempt failed, according to heartwire.

The plaintiffs, led by echocardiographer Dr. Geeta Singh and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Kai Ihnken, allege that they were harassed out of their jobs after they complained about a pattern of compromised patient safety at the hospital.

Singh and Ihnken say they filed complaints for years regarding patient safety issues that were never addressed by hospital officials, and were discriminated against when they took their concerns to county executives.


  1. May the flood gates open for more laws suits to follow. One big thumbs up for the underdog..


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