This is a phenomenal story and 60 Minutes designated two of their normal 3 spot to cover.  Who would have ever thought that the Polio virus would play an important role in curing cancer, but it is.  The research behind the trial has been relentless for years and imagenow it’s working.  Sure there’s some trial and error but who would have ever thought the disease we worked to eradicate would play a role in curing cancer. 

One dose that takes hours to administrate to the brain is the treatment.  Initially the doctors said the tumor looked inflamed and could have been mistaken for growth but in reality it’s inflamed as it’s the body’s immune system attacking the tumor. 

What do patients have to lose when diagnosed with a few months live?  The doctor had those who didn’t think it would work and thought he was nuts.  Polio seeks out and attaches to a receptor that attaches to the tumor.  The virus has been modified and it can’t reproduce in normal cells but it does in cancer cells. 

The FDA was afraid the doctor could create a monster.  Seven years of safety studies were done before the approval in 2011.  The one 20 year old student had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in her head.  In 2012 her cancer came back after surgery and she was out of options.  Again, she had nothing to lose. 

It was very important to make sure the Polio virus goes to the right place.  In the second video 60 Minutes continues on to talk about the dosing and some disappointments that occurred.  They young 21 year old was basically cured, or as the story states, it’s in remission.  The second patient treated was a doctor. 

Who would have ever thought Polio would end up being the cure with cancer.  The crew has also done clinical tests with other types of cancer and it’s working the same way, great news with melting away tumors. 

This stand to be the biggest news on the war on cancer in years.  Duke University provides a check up for the patients every 4 months and so far they have 14 patients in the trial.  Avastin was also used to help reduce the swelling so that drug also looks as if it will be a part of the entire treatment program.  The Polio virus works from the inside out and 60 Minutes does a good job documenting most of this.  Even those who didn’t survive, did have an increase of more than 6 months.  Again the dosage was the big key in not giving too much.

What a story and hope for cancer victims!  In the lab all types of other cancers are being attacked with the Polio virus.  BD 

For more information on the Duke University polio trial or other brain cancer trials, click here or call 919-684-5301


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