This is the way the crappy algorithms crumble.  What was once a great way of communicating what’s going on in the world is in algorithmic and monetary shambles.  First I like to point fingers at the greedy corporations out there who won’t spend a few more bucks advertising with the media papers.  I guess too you can shift some of that blame over to Google if you like as the long time co-existence is not what it used to be.  Maybe the impact of the Killer Algorithms is a little clearer to see here.  They are out there and this is how it works as software and algorithmsimage keep building on themselves so this start up is the perfect example of a new built based on activities of past algorithmic activity. 

That being said the absolute root of the entire change of the media business is the fact that companies don’t advertise with them like they used to.  We have all seen that impact as the newspapers and media look for revenue streams.  Some of the resultant impact there includes a ton of what we call “click bait” which is an article with a headline designed to get your interest and read the article.  Along with reading the article, of course there’s the hope that you will also maybe click on one of the many ads and they make a bit of money just for exposing you to the ads.  It was worked this way for a long time.  As a small blogger though the money made I can tell you with Google is also not what it used to be either.  I have more traffic now than ever and less AdSense Google revenue and of course they change their formulas so the bigger guys make money and the small folks are squeezed as far as any decent ad revenue.  You can read that on almost any small blogger page that expresses and opinion.

We also know that the news goes to the Wall Street stock market feeds so now we have another arena to think about and this has been discussed already with certain investors getting access to the news ahead of when the public feeds are released.  Nanex tracks this quite a bit with his charts on the trading markets and when you see huge activity ahead of news releases, it’s not hard to figure out that the bots who feed on news got a hold of something ahead of time.  Of course we have the doubting Thomas’s out there who don’t even have a clue on how this works or the huge money it can provide investors when “cheating” on the arrival of news occurs.  When the stock exchanges are running, please do keep in mind that the bots are the number one priority to read the news and change their investments, not us, we come second all the time.  It’s a bot-bot world is is not. 

Why Do We Discuss Supreme Court Ruling On Affordable Care Act Like a Bunch of Morons? Want to Make Changes and Review Legal Interpretation? Bring Code Please

If you think the news articles start looking the same for content, you are correct as the journobots can take an article written by a journalist and re write it with a human programmed algorithm to look like a brand new story from another human writing their view…wrong…it’s a programmed algorithm doing the work and it does it so well that it can determine how to avoid plagiarism so nobody gets in trouble that way.  Gee just think, they need one “real” journalist to write the initial article and then the “knock off jounobots” can go to work and create dozens if not hundreds of articles re-arranged to legally be correct and make you think that due to the number of articles you are reading, “that’s a areal hot topic” got duped again and you will follow the consensus of what you see out there.  Think news is not being rigged to a degree?  You better think again and choose what you read wisely as there’s still a lot of good stuff reported by all means but eh sharks to expand upon it and do “knock off news” with bots is very much alive and well.  There are limitations to what the bots can do with reporting news and they will and do miss the “human insight” a lot as they are not programmed to go there, they can’t do it. 

Limitations And Risks Of Machine Ethics (That Really Don’t Exist) - Abstract Basically Substantiating the Existence of What I Coined As “The Attacks of the Killer Algorithms”

Recently when it came to “knock off news” written by bots, the topic of the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare had to have tons of bots rewriting it as I had a realistic answer there with the technology side and everything else you read n the news was just a re-written repeat, ignoring the fact that the machines run the Affordable Car Act and I went so far (and not intending to hurt anyone but rather just talk facts) the the news articles looked like a bunch of morons discussing a topic where they forgot the technology side of the ACA and all had the same wrong perceptions all over the place, one article after another.   They got a little too virtual with their journo bots for a few days.  I made a couple of comments on them but then stopped as what the heck am I doing writing a comment on an article written by a bot that’s only there for click bait, so see I get caught up at times too until I realize the article was written as “knock off news” by a bot.  This really became noticeable and woke me up a bit as they all said the same thing:)  Keep your eyes open for “knock off bot news’ when you read.  After that experience, I sure do. 

In addition, more and more of the news is being written by bots today.  One company who markets and sells the “journo bot” software said that over a billion articles were written last year by their bots.  Ok, so when you dole out your 20 cents, do you get a human produced article or one by a bot.  It used to be the bots wrote very boring analytical stories, and they still do but now they are becoming more talented to add some human type elements to the writing style.  This gets even more interesting as the software comes with full on customization and some new rigging is made easier here too as the parameters can be set to to look for certain patterns with the exchange bots, the high frequency trading bots maybe in particular and set an execute to release the news from there.  Anytime code can be used to rig a market and make money and dupe the government with another perception of the process, they’ll do it.  We have enough history for sure on the code hosers but the public doesn’t seem ready to believe the folks that tell them the truth when it comes to code and math sadly.

So, are you going to fork out 20 cents to read an article?  Me, probably not as that goes against what the news was set out to be.  You could buy the entire print version of some papers for that and maybe that’s not a bad idea at times.  There are certain times that I do like to read books and the paper without being online, so I do both.  Here’s what you get sometimes too with all of the bot produced content..any more it’s like quantitated madness with some of the news being so bad and spuriously correlated.

Quantitated Justification For Believing Things That Are Not True And Using Mathematical Processes To Fool Ourselves-The Journalistic Bot Functionality Debuts As Media Can’t Resist the Formulas…

Now to here’s the big winners here, the credit card folks who sell your transaction and behavior patterns to those folks who want to analyze and score you and make money.  This is so bad and rotten to the core that I truly think the public doesn’t believe this is happening and shines it on.  I can understand that as it does run behind the scenes and you don’t see it.  That’s how they plan it and get dupe the public right and left to get your personal data to sell.  This all moves along fine and dandy until some flawed and maybe not flawed data that you didn’t intend to get out there denies you access to something and boy does that happen right and left.  Again tune in to the honest quants and mathematicians at the Killer Algorithms page and listen up as that’s the truth of what’s going on, or again you can choose to be bliss and wait your turn until one of the Killer Algorithms gives you a good bite and creates tons of havoc and stress for you.

It’s Time To Look At Some of the Proprietary Code Running in the US–Too Many Companies and Banks Are Playing “Techno-God” Saying “Trust Me” With the Numbers and Stats…

It’s so frustrating to those who know how to code and do math to see this horrific marketing dog and pony show out there deceiving the pubic over and over and over but again watch what those bots are putting out there to manipulate and you may have to pay 20 cents per article to be manipulated now.  I can certainly understand the frustrations of journalists in all of this as that’s not what news is all about, but in order to keep jobs, they have to play part of the game too. 

It’s interesting as when you see some of them leave the “game” they end up with true confessions of some type as to what occurred at their prior job.  I could almost go so far as to say the President’s PR campaign too is starting to look like a lot of “knock off” media too, same thing all the time but new humor gets added so we watch it, again it’s same stuff over and over.  I do worry about the White House too as they have some folks there that are into confusing the virtual world values with the real world, and their bot puts it out in news letters.  Now this is really scary toimage me as the dupers at those high levels have not a clue on how the smart people perceive the nonsense of publishing stats and numbers that nobody can predict.  Come clean and do it right and don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Last but not least, well if you are dumb enough to use a charge card to pay 20 cents to read articles, well there’s more data to collect and sell about you.  You have to remember this business model is alive and well and runs everywhere as the public is so easy to dupe and runs away from math and code, so what does Wall Street and the tech companies do?  They use code and math to dupe the heck out of you with a marketed perception with plenty of stats that you suck up and feel really good that the perception you created in your mind was substantiated by something you read.  Sorry folks you missed the whole double edge of how the marketing, coding and journo bots work and God help you, really God help all of us that fall into the Duper Pits and suck in all of this.  It’s time to be a skeptic as there’s still a lot of good material out there, just separating it from “knock off news” and some useless “Journo bot” produced material is the problem.  You can read the link below and see how our Congress just flat out can’t model either as they refuse to use modern technologies that will help them and let themselves be duped into thinking things can still work the old way without enough information. 

Senators Create a Bill to Go After the Data Brokers Selling Our Personal Data But It Doesn’t Go Far Enough-Tons of Companies And Banks Are Also Selling Our Data and Repackaging Information About Us…

We really do need an index and the ability to license data sellers as the data is so flawed and the sellers just don’t care anymore and don’t look at the data at all.  I think is this a good point to put a recent video from Computer Scientist Jaron Lanier in here and listen to him and he makes sense and is telling the truth as he’s like me except a lot smarter but the same effort here to wake folks up to the fact that the algorithms and corporations are about the same anymore, ready to dupe and take your money as there’s no real communication going on here.  Below is another interview and Jaron explains there’s really no difference in what’s going on with Wall Street and Silicon Valley, it’s all code and he discusses a bit of privacy.   BD

Blendle, an exciting Dutch startup that has attracted 200,000 users in the region to a platform that lets readers make micropayments for individual newspaper and magazine articles rather than having to sign up to monthly digital subscriptions, has just got even more exciting.

The New York Times (which is also an investor in Blendle), The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal have signed up to the platform.

Here's how Blendle works: Users register for Blendle and put in their credit-card details just once at the beginning of the process in which they create a newsfeed of stories about the topics in which they are interested. When they click on a headline, the app/website takes a small payment. And — perhaps the most intriguing part of the whole offer — if readers don't like an article, they can get an instant refund if they provide feedback.


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