I swear anymore with some of the news we read people have really fallen into this Sebelius Syndrome of perceptions that are just not true.  Of course the press feeds this too as of late some of their perceptions and articles (and not all as there’s a ton of good stuff out there too) it putting some nutty stuff out there too.  Recently I said the Supreme Court decision about the Affordable Care Act was being discussed like aimage bunch of morons, and it’s still rolling out there.  It’s getting old and sometimes just flat out hilarious to hear the perceptions on technology from the novice who has no clue.  Anyone want to discuss Hillary email servers and her spam filters…well why not..we’re hearing all kinds of other nutty stories about it:)

Seriously on the Affordable Care Act, everyone wrote like the code issues on Healthcare. Gov was a one time issue..wrong…it lives forever anytime you need to make changes as the machines run most of the functionality of the program. 

Why Do We Discuss Supreme Court Ruling On Affordable Care Act Like a Bunch of Morons? Want to Make Changes and Review Legal Interpretation? Bring Code Please

Now we have four senators wanting even greater specifics on the ONC interoperability roadmap?  They have no clue what they really want and if they did a better job on keeping up to date with technology, we would see less of this nonsense type of perceptions and demands.  Even the tech folks can’t give you specifics as it’s the way the world works today as some algorithmic formula jumps out of left field to make major unexpected changes all the time.  It happens daily in the stock market.  We’re just humans and really don’t know exactly how all of the complex algorithms will always play out. 

These folks everywhere, DC and local governments are finding out that extreme complex legal verbiage doesn’t always govern and regulate algorithms and code as tech folks and quants do and have for years, just model around it.  When it circles back around lawmakers everywhere scratch their heads and can’t figure out what happened?  The code ran hog ass wild with an interpretation of technologists and quants that would work, in other words risk fiddling and proprietary code working in the background that the “verbiage only” guys can’t or choose not too see.  imageHeck if I were an evil person, who wouldn’t be rolling up a lot of cheating code in a compiler where nobody ever gets to see it, and that’s the reality of the world today.  Yes there is a lot of code that needs to be protected that is increasing efficiency but the perceptual crap of those stuck with “Stat Rat Fever” needs to be out there to be verified. 

It’s Time To Look At Some of the Proprietary Code Running in the US–Too Many Companies and Banks Are Playing “Techno-God” Saying “Trust Me” With the Numbers and Stats…

So again, hey four Senators, get that agency funded and have a smart group do the real hard research for you.  If I were serving in Congress I would want that agency as we live in the most complex times ever and many are starting to look “stupid” as they yield out more and more whacky perceptions that technologists just roll on the floor reading about in the news.  Don’t do this to yourself and get some respect back as we as constituents would like to support you but like the rest of us, get your perceptions back in line with the real world and don’t let the media stuff make the confusion even worse. 

Bill To Restore Office of Technology Assessment Was Defeated Again This Year As Congress Chooses to Remain In the Dark With Technology At A Time When Private Industry Is Doing Just the Opposite - “The Grays” Live On…

At this point I’m really asking “how long do some folks want to remain dumb and bliss”?  If myself and others as technologists started talking like experts on automobiles nobody would stand for it as it’s not our field; however we certainly seem to have a high tolerance for people who can’t tell the difference between a virtual or real world value.  This is getting to be a dangerous game as some of those virtual values are stepping over into the real world and really hurting consumers right and left, so fix it would you?  I’m being fair here and not doing any individual attacks but damn, you even see the same behavior from the White House, those living too virtual and stuck “Stat Rat Fever” perceptions…just throw any old numbers out there as we know the public is dumb and they’ll suck up anything. 

The problem is not everyone, like me for example, thinks this is a good idea but rather shows how “duped” everyone really is and that scares me.  You just have to laugh when you see stuff coming out of the White House that says 3300 fewer hospital admits will occur with Climate Control…well..duh!  Of course we know and want to improve things but damn don’t send stuff out that shows the further persistence of the Sebelius Syndrome of perception madness, backed up with a big case of Stat Rat Fever with the text.  

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

We end up with the Democratic Dupers that suck in any numbers and the GOP on the other end that accepts no numbers..WTF?  BD 

While the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s draft Interoperability Roadmap attempts to define a framework for interoperable electronic health records, five Republican Senators charge that the document is heavy on generalities and light on specifics.

“The ONC roadmap provides a framework for responsibility, governance, and accountability in regard to the future development and implementation of interoperable EHRs. But instead of offering specific objectives, deadlines, and action items, ONC’s roadmap falls short on the nitty gritty technology specifics that vendors and providers need when developing IT products,” write Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), and John Thune (R-S.D.) in a blog published by Health Affairs.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, which is chaired by Alexander, was scheduled to hold a March 5 hearing on “America’s Health IT Transformation: Translating the Promise of Electronic Health Records Into Better Care.” However, it was postponed. Despite the delay, Alexander and his colleagues will no doubt keep the interoperability of EHRs on their legislative agenda in the new Congress.



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