This is not unexpected and there are two companies now that seem to be jumping the gun a little bit on what cannabis can do for your dog.  Of course, always check with the Vet and see what they say on this topic.  From reading this article, the claims do seem to be a littleimage exaggerated and I’m sure somewhere along the line under the supervision of a Vet that Cannabis will have some merit but things are very new right now and let’s wait and see how the clinical and medical data shuffles in before you get Fido stones.  Actually I think the part of cannabis that gives the high has been removed from the product from what the video says but you never know about what you read and see anymore either. 

Is this beagle in the video stoned?  Ok a little satire here with this story but you know how pictures can lead to some strange perceptions out there today. 

Don’t rely on marketing is the real message here from the FDA and wait until we get more information.  We’ll maybe see more use in the future.  FDA said the two companies have to change their marketing. 

SULTAN, Wash. -- Hemp products for pets are starting to hit the market for the first time since Washington voters legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Two Puget Sound area companies are being warned by the federal government to back off their medical claims.

More and more companies are using marijuana or hemp and claim the resulting products for pets can give extraordinary medical and health benefits.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Canna-Pet, LLC, uses words like anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and much more. Canna Companion out of Snohomish County claims its products inhibit cancer cell growth and reduce inflammation, according to the FDA.


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