As you can read 25,000 signatures are needed to move to the White House to be addressed.  Read through the campaign from Dr. Volz.   We do need something out there to improve perception of not only the public but also folks in healthcare and to keep clinical data clear and valuable, and not have more data fall into the ugly world of data sellers for profit along the way.  BD 

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you today to gauge your support for a new initiative. I have placed a petition on to launch a national grass roots campaign today to reduce the medical miscommunications in healthcare systems. This is an issue that affects every American who hasimage ever needed to go to the doctor or hospital. Every American needs to be aware of this issue to speak up to protect themselves and their families from this almost entirely avoidable situation.

By signing the petition, we demand that the government and medical industry solve what is a very easy problem to fix. Once signed by 25,000 U.S. residents age 18 and older, the petition will be sent to the White House for review and a specific, timely action plan.

At a recent senate subcommittee hearing, it was revealed that more than 1,000 people are killed and 10,000 injured every day due to medical errors largely caused by technology mistakes.  Approximately 40% of these errors are directly related to information omissions and miscommunications. This campaign seeks to forge a government and industry solution in solving this lapse in electronic healthcare communications, a cornerstone of Obamacare.

Why do we need government intervention?

· There has been no improvement in patients’ health information flow in medical communications systems and no support for sharing this crucial data flow among care providers since the transition from paper to electronic medical records. The result is the high number of medical errors leading to death will remain unchanged without government intervention.

· Hospital boards have no incentive to adopt technology to solve the problem because inaction costs less money than fixing it. The result? Hospitals are not actively looking for a solution, unless it is mandated as part of a government intervention, similar to the same intervention to transition from paper to electronic medical records.

· Most of healthcare vendors, notably electronic health record (EHR) vendors, have no incentive to address these issues in order to push for their own product solutions. This leaves the lack of EHR interoperability, the most critical area to reduce medical errors leading to death, with no near term improvement.

· Existing government bodies are in place, but the focus and timetable are not aligned with the urgency for improving patient outcomes, which claim US lives on a daily basis.

Sixth in the U.S. for Deaths

If the Center for Disease Control reported a category for erroneous medical deaths, it would rank 6th in the U.S.  And the cost?  A cool trillion dollars a year. Sadly, this figure is not too far from similar statistics found 15 years ago. 

By implementing an EHR connectivity solution, hospitals and medical professionals would save billions in lower insurance premiums as there will be fewer medical death and error lawsuits. These actions will lower medical costs and will benefit everyone.

Healthcare should not be replaced by no one cares. The life you might be saving could be your own.

Thank you!


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