Well this is not something new as last year, the White House was also living way too virtual and their policies last year sucked even more.  For one, they can’t even include the words “data seller” in anything they put forward and it’s a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo and it’s largely because they are out of touch.  The current administration seems to be captivated with “selfies” as we see one after another and then yesterday we had the head of Health and Human Services and the Surgeon General just so proud of themselves for posting a selfie:)  You can’t make this stuff up, just watch the news every day.

White House Privacy Report , “Privacy Bill of Rights”Vague & Complex Verbiage, No Mention of Creating An Index to Identify All Data Sellers Or The Fact That It’s an Epidemic Leading To Privacy Violations & Flawed Data, Hurting Many Consumers As It Actively Contributes to Inequality

Efforts in the Senate, not much better and again another group that confuses virtual with real world values over there too.  We’re not even going to discuss the House at this point as I think they are worse than the Senate and White House together with being stuck in virtual values.

Senators Create a Bill to Go After the Data Brokers Selling Our Personal Data But It Doesn’t Go Far Enough-Tons of Companies And Banks Are Also Selling Our Data and Repackaging Information About Us…

You do have to give the FTC credit for speaking up a bit and they need laws so then can enforce and act as well.  It’s hard when the digital illits can’t put it all together and “model” a law that’s useful.  The Senate Bill above only addresses data brokers and shoot there’s tons more out there and the data selling business which strips our dignity and is becoming highly flawed is worth around $180 billion a year.  Look at CVS and Walgreens each making 1 to 2 billion a year selling our data.  The big danger is repackaging and I have said this over and over since the Anthem breach and every one is just bliss but these hackers can make a lot of money with some very basic SQL skills and repost the stolen data to look legit on websites where data is for sale.  They would need to make no mention of Anthem either as there’s tons of other queries to be written to sell of some data.

“The Data Exchange” Buy and Sell Data on Self Service Website, One More Reason to Index and License Data Sellers-This Appears to be Open Game for Selling Repackaged Personal Data-No Privacy At All
Anthem Data Breach–Crooks Want to Sell Data Too–The Impact of the “Data Selling For Profit Epidemic” That Exists in the US With Scoring Consumers Removing Access and Human Dignity

The World Privacy Forum and myself seem to be the only ones talking about the secret scoring and repackaging of our data.  If you listen only to major news, well you miss it all too as they don’t touch on it too often and with bots writing 1/3 of the news today, well who knows what the bot might say instead as well.  It’s time to index and license all data sellers, and I have said that for 3 years now.  When it sink in?  Help the campaign if you will…I’m working it. 

Again it’s very scary when neither Congress nor the White House knows what’s really going on and how to craft and model a bill that pertains to modern technologies like data selling that keep inequality in the US rolling at epic speeds.  The data is flawed.  BD 

Data Selling and the Direct Correlation To Accelerated Inequality - Epidemic Spreading Like A Virus Moving Money Keeping Corporations Cash Rich and Consumers Cash Poor

As the Federal Trade Commission looks to work with the White House to tighten data security laws, consumer protection officials have been both proponents and critics of the Consumer Privacy Bill that was released last month from the White House.

While Jessica Rich, the FTC’s Consumer Protection Bureau Director, has been an advocate of the bill’s purpose, she, along with Edith Ramirez — another FTC official— have been sharp to criticize the bill recently, particularly because of the vagueness of the language the officials believe will leave too many loopholes against actually protecting consumers.

“We have concerns that many of the provisions in the draft legislation won’t provide consumers with the strong and enforceable protections needed to protect their privacy in this day and age,” Rich said in an interview Friday, March 6, with The Wall Street Journal. “There’s a lot of procedures and provisions that just create an enormous number of loopholes.”

Rich claimed that the legislation, as currently written, still gives companies the power to withhold data from a consumer, and provides them to power to maintain the control of the data without factoring in what’s best for the consumer.



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