Ninety-one percent of California physicians believe the status quo of the health care system in the state is "unsustainable," according to a survey released on Wednesday by the California Medical Association, the Ventura County Star reports.
CMA polled 300 physicians in California. The survey found:

  • 80% of physicians said the California health care system is "in crisis" or "in serious trouble";
  • 55% said they have considered leaving the state to practice elsewhere; and
  • 81% said they still would choose to become doctors if they were beginning their careers today.

Managed Care Targeted

The survey did not address specific proposals for overhauling California's health care system. However, most doctors singled out managed care as a major contributor to their dissatisfaction, CMA President Anmol Mahal said.
Seventy-six percent cited "limits and restrictions that insurance companies place on doctors" as a serious concern, and 80% said they are unable to spend as much time with patients as necessary to provide quality care.
"They dislike the system that has made administrative actions more time-consuming and burdensome," Mahal said (Herdt,

Doctors Survey Shows Strong Support for Health Care Reform - California Healthline


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