As one individual, you can use the service for free.  If you require service for a network of computers, the product requires a purchase.  Personally, I like the Outlook integration feature as it simplified the process.  You can also just request a Digital ID from the site as well.  Something to think about if you are not currently using any form of encryption.  The software does allow you to select those recipients with whom you want to send encrypted messages, so you do not have to encrypt every email you send.  BD

Izemail lets you encrypt and sign your email, just by pressing the "send" button in your mail program. All you need to know is your contact's email address: everything else is done by Izemail, automatically.

IZECOM hereby grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to install and use the Software on a single computer or devise for use by one single user, or, if you have paid the appropriate License Fees, on a series of computers or on a internal network / server by the maximum number of authorized users to install, access and use the Software.

Izemail for Outlook

Izemail for Outlook is a plugin to Outlook that facilitates easy encryption and signing. It works only with Microsoft Outlook, all versions currently supported by Microsoft. It works only with Windows.

Izemail email encryption: available versions


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