Enloe Medical Center wants to reassure Medicare beneficiaries that they can still be treated at the Chico hospital.

After reading a story in the Enterprise-Record Thursday, some people jumped to the mistaken conclusion that Medicare beneficiaries could no longer get care at Enloe, said Laura Hennum, a spokesperson for the hospital.

That's absolutely wrong, she said. People on Medicare can still be treated at Enloe, and the hospital will be paid by the government for taking care of them, she said. Nothing at all has changed in that regard.

What's happened is that Medicare has warned Enloe that unless certain improvements are made, the hospital will be at risk of losing its certification to take care of Medicare patients and be paid for doing so. But that hasn't happened yet, and it's very unlikely it will happen, Hennum said.

Yancer said she has let personnel at Enloe know there will be significant consequences for not following the rules. People who feel the rules don't apply to them will find themselves no longer working for Enloe, she said.

Yancer expressed confidence Enloe would once again find itself in compliance and will meet all of Medicare's standards, although it may take some time.



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