This is an interesting turn of events with recent news and the initiative to move to a new health care system in the US.  BD

KneeMore people from the UK are opting for private medical insurance, a new study has found.
According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), 2006 was the first year in recent times when the number of people opting for private medical insurance (PMI) increased.

"It also takes pressure off the NHS, so by buying PMI, people are effectively reducing the burden on Britain's hard-pressed health service.
"It is encouraging that more individuals are choosing to buy PMI for themselves and their families."
Mr Starling also pointed out that more companies seemed to be buying medical insurance for their workers.
Recently, another spokesperson for the ABI said that people who were obese were likely to find their medical and life insurance premiums increase.

Popularity of medical insurance increases : Insurance News :


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