Hospitals are now posting surgery results and potential outcomes on their web sites.  Excellent way for both the physician and patient to be informed up front on the potential outcome.  One other nice item in the picture is watching him using his TABLET PC OR NOTEBOOK AS A DESKTOP REPLACEMENT with a regular mouse and keyboard connected.  Not only is he prudent in searching surgery selections, he's also prepared to be mobile if needed, the prudent patient and shoot we can't even get some medical professionals to embrace this technology for use by physicians!  BD

(CBS) After weeks of pain, Chuck Prigge is deciding whether to have back surgery, and he's making his decision online.
His hospital, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, puts surgery results on the Internet.
Chuck can see that 62 percent of Dartmouth's back surgery patients achieve symptom relief and that 85 percent would choose surgery again, CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports.
"I think it's excellent all this information available," said Prigge.
It's only a matter of time before most American hospitals post a lot more information about quality. What does surgery cost? How often does it work? Are the doctors at the hospital good at what they do?

The Patient's Prerogative, Hospitals Are Posting Surgical Results Online To Inform Those Considering Going Under The Knife - CBS News


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