Very nice review and video about the Sahara Tablet from Tablet Kiosk.  For those wanting a unit with real power and portability, this one gets the job done.  BD

The i440D captured lots of attention back at CES Las Vegas earlier this year and has even be en reviewed by one of our GBM frequenters Steve S. It is a device promising lots via its Dual mode Active Digitizer Pen and 4-wire resistive Touchscreen combo; with its internal SATA and external SATA capabilities; with its ability to accept up to 3Gb of RAM, and more. In this  video I cover off several features and address some of the questions folks have been asking regarding this device. So if you're in the mood for something other than UMPC different, watch this video as TabletKiosk might be the right company to put on your radar!

Video Link from GottaBeMobile 

Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC News and Reviews - - Hardware InkShow: TabletKiosk Sahara i440D (sort of)


  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the link.

    Mic Array ! (Nice).
    FingerPrint Reader (Nice)
    Hotkeys (nice).
    Wallmount ! (Cool)
    Easily Accessed stuff (nice).
    Firewire - nice.
    eSATA ! wow (USB is good enough though)

    Hugo love the zooming :)

    That pen looks like the terrible Toshiba pens. It better be stronger !

    Hugo, those couches are dated.

    Wake on Swipe ! very cool.

    Hugo, love that laugh.

    Battery life must be terrible with all these features !

    Dude, someone was at the door.

    i440D - Core DUO :) 1.8 GHz.

    Asbestos pads ! ahahaha.

    Outdoor Viewable .. I would love that.

    Mountable on a wall ... HMMMMMMM ....

    Every NP / MD with their own i440D and they get auto detected by mounting it ! CoOL ;)

    Love that laugh.

    Great video.

    Thanks Barbara,
    I want one. I am going to work on Graham to get Synapse to work as a Kiosk and patients can touch in the HPI for me so I can so even less work !


    Great BLOG BTW.
    You are a software keener of epic proportions.

  2. Thank you Dr. Murdoch and hopefully soon I should have some more information on the Sahara, like some real pictures and speech recognition information when I try it out.


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