I think we have bigger fish to fry in this country and I'm sure if there's a fine to pay, Mr. Moore will gladly contribute to the cause, but for goodness sakes let's not lock them up and hopefully make sure they get the medical attention they need.  BD 

After suffering more than five years of health problems related to his volunteer work at Ground Zero, Maywood resident Bill Maher felt he had nothing to lose joining documentarian Michael Moore on a sneak trip to Cuba for medical treatment, captured on film in the new movie "Sicko."

Maher knew he was taking a risk journeying to the communist country with the controversial director, but he didn't think he was breaking any laws. He was surprised to learn on Thursday, however, that he faces criminal charges for violating travel restrictions.

He and two other 9/11 responders featured in the picture are under investigation by the Treasury Department, which is building a case against Moore.

"We were traveling for journalistic purposes," said Maher, 54. "I never even thought about any kind of legal restrictions."  "The reason they have a bug up their butt is about Michael," said Maher. "It's ridiculous. What about paying attention to the 9/11 responders who are dying, who can't get any help? If we wind up going to jail, it's going to send another message out. Instead of helping (sick Ground Zero volunteers), they're locking them up."

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