It is bad enough having to fight cancer, but add 2 insurance mergers to the picture and it can really get complicated, and this woman is in the HMO business.  BD

A potential medical merger is still raising questions with some Las Vegas Valley residents. United Health Group, a massive national brand, wants to merge with Nevada's Sierra Health Services. Some critics say valley health care could suffer.

Shelli Miller is fighting two battles. Her Medicare HMO benefits were cut after one of United Health's previous mergers and now she's fighting to keep that from happening in Las Vegas. But there's another battle, a battle raging inside her body.

For this fast talking Chicago native, that fight has only just begun. Shelli Miller's previous experience with a United Health Group merger makes her skeptical

Miller knows the HMO business backwards and forwards. A retired nurse and HMO consultant, she knows it's all about the bottom line. But her second battle continues. It's a battle with breast cancer.

"I went through close to 40 radiation treatments. I had surgery, partial mastectomy initially," she explained.

Now, 60 chemotherapy sessions later, the cancer is in remission and this new fight wages on.

Miller continued, "And I thought my biggest battle was fighting the cancer and instead, the biggest enemy became United Health care."

And Shelli Miller won't stop until the valley's healthcare gets a much-needed boost even if it means less time in therapy and a slower recovery.

The insurance commission will get first crack at approving the merger. They held a public hearing last week, and so far, a second public hearing hasn't been scheduled.

As for Shelli, the outlook is positive and she hopes to have no problems in the future. | News for Las Vegas, Nevada - Health Care Merger Raises Concerns in Las Vegas


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