Planning to spark a fundamental change in national healthcare politics, an unprecedented national coalition of nurses and doctors organizations today announced plans to rally around the openings of Michael Moore's "SiCKO" June 29 to press the campaign for single-payer healthcare, guaranteeing comprehensive, quality healthcare with an expanded and improved Medicare for all.
Calling it the "Scrubs for SiCKO" campaign, organizers will recruit registered nurses and doctors to every theater in the nation where "SiCKO" opens to ensure that caregivers - in SiCKO scrubs-are in the audience.
The caregivers will distribute information and urge moviegoers to join the drive for a fundamental overhaul of the nation's dysfunctional healthcare system - as is so brilliantly described in "Sicko." They will urge the audience to help pass single-payer/Medicare-for-all-type legislation such as HR 676 now pending in Congress and several states, and make it a central focus of the presidential campaign.
Nurses and doctors are serving as co-hosts of "SiCKO" premieres across the nation.

Nurses, Doctors Announce "Scrubs For SiCKO" Campaign In Conjunction With Debut Of Michael Moore's Film To Spark Genuine Healthcare Debate


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