A story released 6/26 about 24-year-old Emily Rice and the HMO Health Care she received at The Denver City Jail resulted in her death in a cell.
On February 18 Emily was involved in a traffic accident was taken to Denver Health where she blew a 0.121 BAC was treated for a cut on her shoulder then sent to jail.
Not long after she was booked and in a cell Emily told a guard she wasn't feeling good and was allowed to speak to a registered nurse. The nurse looked at her records told her she was drunk and to go sleep it off.
After the nurse left Emily collapsed, the nurse was brought back then told Emily to " Stop Being Dramatic" and get up. An obvious graduate from the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing.
During the course of the nite other inmates began screaming and pounding on the glass to get the guards attention because of her worsening condition but to no avail.
Come morning Emily was dead. Her autopsy revealed a seven inch gash on her liver, a lacerated spleen and three broken ribs.
With a more thorough exam at Denver Health all of this could have been avoided and kept from court.

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