One more new approach to electronic medical records through the purchase of a PC.  This is a web based subscription service and not a local server/client solution, so the security of the medical records is as safe as the web server.  Again, something to really think about these days when placing medical information on a web server versus having the information stored locally.  We keep reading the stories about medical and identity information being compromised and the subscription costs are subject to increase at any given time as well.  Medical records software is a personal choice and I'm not sure it can be mass marketed and be placed on a PC like other software at the point of sale.  BD

    MedicWare EMR centralizes patient medical records and streamlines the diagnosis and treatment processes, improving overall office efficiencies. The centralization of patient information helps eliminate errors such as misread prescriptions or missed drug allergies, and provides doctors with easy access to patient records while they are out of the office.
    Physicians and staff personnel can efficiently and cost-effectively manage appointments, insurance plan information, office visits and examinations, medical histories, lab results, medications and prescriptions.
    Interfacing with most practice management and reference laboratory systems, MedicWare is fully CMS and HIPAA compliant, helping medical practices stay current and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Source:  Tablet PC Talk News


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