I wholeheartedly agree with this.  We are doing our part in linking to the $4.00 generic medications from this site without having to search each retailers site and recommend Epocrates and provide their free web based information link here as well.  This will also come back in pay for performance areas as well for the physicians when patients skip medications and the over all health of the patient demographics is measured.  BD

While millions of elderly Americans are skipping medications because they can’t afford them, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association offers a solution: Tell doctors upfront which drugs are most widely covered by Medicare so that patients can get their medications faster and more cheaply.

R. Adams Dudley, MD, MBA, of UCSF, is senior author of the study, which offers a unique analysis of drug coverage under Medicare Part D formularies, lists of drugs that are paid for or covered under a drug plan. Because formularies vary so widely among Medicare Part D plans and because many states have 50 or more such plans, it is difficult for clinicians to know which drugs are covered for their patients.

UCSF Today - JAMA Study: Give Doctors Info on Most Widely Covered Medicare Drugs


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