And they accomplished this on a pretty conservative budget...BD

Hutchinson Community Hospital’s new electronic records system is improving patient care and safety while strengthening care providers’ peace of mind.

During a demonstration for the hospital’s governing board last week, trustees learned:

< Doctors on call can use the system from their own home to check a patient’s health status, and then advise nurses and other hospital workers by phone. “The physicians see this as a tremendous timesaver,” said Mary Ellen Wells, the hospital’s administrator and president/CEO of Hutchinson Area Health Care.

< The hospital’s pharmacy, therapy services and other departments use it to check a patient’s medical history and record additional information. “Once the information is filed, it’s accessible to anyone who has access to that patient,” said Linda Fairchild, the hospital’s acute care manager.
The new system, launched June 1, is designed to improve the hospital’s efficiency while ensuring continuity of care. Fairchild said time savings is a byproduct of the system, but was not a primary motive for purchasing it. The system’s computers and software cost an estimated $266,000.

Hospital's patient charts go paperless | Hutchinson Leader


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