I thought it was a great film, flawed deeply, as Moore's films are but with an important message nonetheless.

But that said, Moore's on to something deep and true and powerful. The American health care system is a mess, on that we all agree. We are the only Western country that doesn't provide universal care and allows its citizens to descend into poverty if they face a life threatening illness. The horror stories in Sicko are all too real -- the woman who is denied reimbursement for an ambulance ride after a car accident because it wasn't "pre-approved," the insurance company that will pay for only one cochlear implant for a baby losing its hearing (until the father threatens to sick Moore on them). I wound myself a bit weepy when hearing the stories of Canadians and Brits who visit the hospital, get treated and walk out without ever seeing a bill and who are utterly bemused when Moore brilliantly asks them if their HMO signed off on their treatment or how they'll pay the bill. Moore asks the right question: Why can't we be free from this worry?

Matt Cooper: Sicko, Flawed But Brilliant - Politics on The Huffington Post


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