I know they are here to fill a need and have save money and enabled surgery procedures that folks could not afford here in the US, but I hope this doesn't become a main stay as I would like to have the medical attention here in the US and everyone I have spoken to feels the same.  If we can just get back in the human business and take the price tags off the heads of our citizens, then the movie will have served it's purpose.  BD

CALABASAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Upon viewing the soon-to-be-released Michael Moore movie entitled SICKO, scheduled for distribution in movie theaters nationwide later this month, Americans will return home outraged and seeking alternatives for a respectable solution to their healthcare needs.

“PlanetHospital, a medical tourism pioneer and leader since 2002, is prepared to help,” offers Rudy Rupak, president and CEO. “Although PlanetHospital cannot offer Cuba as an alternative, the company has successfully sent over 500 Americans abroad for medical care to over 14 countries. We are currently developing insurance products to assist Americans who are in the most desperate situation with regards to their healthcare.”

“The movie SICKO exposes an unacceptable healthcare system here in the United States,” says Rupak. “I look forward to helping people find alternatives and assisting in the development of stories that document the value of traveling outside the United States for medical care.”

PlanetHospital Offers SICKO Viewers an Answer to Their Healthcare Needs: Medical Tourism Gets the Boost It Deserves


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