Turing the pyramid upside down is the key, putting the people imageon top instead of the other way around as which is what we are seeing too much of today.  He addresses the disease rates and the number of people not dying from poverty.  He gives a “global” presentation on poverty.  This is nice to hear him actually touch on this topic with the “bad” side of it.

He very much promotes the “One Organization” which is the battle against poverty in the world.  In the US some of our poverty has been artificially created with mathematical formulas that has moved moved the money over the years and now is in “steroid” mode.  If you want to know more about how this occurs behind the scenes, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and there are four other videos that will help explain to you how technology can also mask transparency efforts and move more money to the 1%.  Overall this was a great speech by Bono and he’s always a great spiritual mover when he talks.  He gets how technology has both the good and the bad side when it comes to profits.  One way to add transparency and give science a boost with funding is to license and tax the data sellers who make billions in profits and we have no clue on what they do with their data sets and a federal site with disclosure on who sells what kind of data to who would be a big step in that direction, more at the link below on this topic.  BD

Time Has Come to License and Tax the Data Sellers of the Web, Companies, Banks, Social Networks..Any One Making a Profit-Latest Microsoft/Google Privacy War Helping the Cause –Consumers Deserve to Know What Is Being Sold and To Who in a Searchable Format

Human beings have been campaigning against inequality and poverty for 3,000 years. But this journey is accelerating. Bono "embraces his iimagenner nerd" and shares inspiring data that shows the end of poverty is in sight … if we can harness the momentum.

Bono, the lead singer of U2, uses his celebrity to fight for social justice worldwide: to end hunger, poverty and disease, especially in Africa. His nonprofit ONE raises awareness via media, policy and calls to action.



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