I’m returning back after a few days with family and what better way to start that with Steven Colbert and his interview with Dr. Eric Topol formerly affiliated with theimage West Wireless Institute and now the Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health.  I first started covering some of his presentations dating back to 2008 and 2010 with TED and agreed with him back then that wireless was somewhat forgotten along the line and perhaps everyone was just not ready yet.  He was also involved with the Scripps personalized medicine program that began back in  2008. 

The Wireless Future of Medicine – The Forgotten Element of Meaningful Use -Eric Topol –TED 2010 (Video)
Scripps, Navigenics, Affymetrix and Microsoft team on groundbreaking health study – Personalized Medicine

At any rate, Colbert does a good job here with the interview and demonstration of the mobile products with the demonstration of the AliveCor cell phone ECG cardiogram.  A few weeks ago I told my dog’s vet about using it for dogs and cats which is where the testing began before the FDA approved a few months ago for us.  In addition, small wrist monitor is shown that can be used at hospitals, saves room and all on the wrist for critical conditions. 

What is also great here too is the fact that Colbert hits the marketing side of this and that’s where we need to start licensing and excise taxing data sellers as his example asks “Will I be getting a text message offering big discounts on caskets”…this remark made after Dr. Topol explains how monitoring works.  This can all be good if the “profit folks” don’t’ twist and turn things and accuracy with ethics is maintained.  They talk about a heart attack ring tone to give advance warning and Colbert says, “oh yes insurance companies will give a discount to those wearing devices”…and then again we return to the “casket ad”…pretty good IF kept in context with allowing people to use technology with living a normal life as one thing we all have to be aware of is that alerts and monitors activate a sense of urgency and how many can we really live with before one goes nuts? 

Certainly the casket ad is way down the ladder but when it comes time to make a buck off selling data, and some used out of context, the vultures are there with a form of Attacking Killer Algorithms.   BD 

Start Licensing and Taxing the Data Sellers of the Internet Making Billions of Profit Dollars Mining “Free Taxpayer Data”–Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 17 - “Occupy Algorithms”– Help Stop Inequality in the US
“Numbers Don’t Lie, But People Do”–Radio Interview from Charles Siefe–Journalists Take Note, He Addresses How Marketing And Bogus Statistics Are Sources of Problems That Mislead the Public & Government



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